The magic of cleaning up in the evening

A while ago I’ve started cleaning up my place right before going to bed. I did that as an experiment. Today I want to share my experience, because I’ve noticed the positive effect of it.

A quick reminder:
As I have written some time ago, I think it is necessary to create a “place of power” for yourself, if you want to live vibrant life. A place where you can rest, relax and recharge. A place of safety, beauty and clarity. A place that nourishes you and let’s you meet the world in your most vibrant form.

If you want to live your life as a healthy human being, it’s necessary to create such a place for yourself.

Both inside of you, as well as around you.

One thing I’ve noticed is that my place of power will eventually get a little bit messy. Both the place inside of me as well as the place around me. I also found they are usually pretty accurate representations of each other. They are connected. And when one gets messy the other follows.

Over the years I found that the best time to clean up my inner place of power is right after waking up. So after getting out of bed, I start moving and connect to my body, I meditate and breathe and write. This brings space and clarity to my inner place of power. It sets the tone of my day. The basic rhythm. The foundation from which I can go and meet the world.

A few days ago I asked myself the following question:
If cleaning my inner place of power in the morning is such a great addition to my life, what happens if I also start cleaning my outer place of power in the evening?

So I started experimenting with this:
Right before going to sleep I would do the dishes, clean the floors and set everything in order. From the pillows on the couch, to empty bottles on the fridge, loose papers on the desk and tangled charger cables in one of those random boxes everyone seems to have somewhere. Everything is cleaned and taken care of.

First thing I noticed is that doing these things had a calming effect on me. Especially in the evening. There is no screen, no noise and no bombardment of information. I move my body and I work with my hands. Usually I move slowly and in quiet contemplation, which helps prepare my mind and my body for sleep.

Secondly I noticed that I sleep really well. I would go to bed feeling content and at peace. I would also feel a kind of “happy little excitement” at the fact that I made myself such a nice little gift, that I would discover in the morning.

Thirdly I noticed that I enjoy my mornings even more. Finding my place clean and organised after waking up, feels like a reminder that I’m looking out for myself. That I have love and respect for myself.

It also feels like there is more space around me.
Thats the best way I can describe it.
Somehow there is more space.

That’s all I have.

Do you feel like experimenting with this for a few evenings?
I’m super curious to hear your experience with this.

(Worst thing that can happen: You end up with a clean flat.)

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