On Places of Power

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Artwork for: On Places of Power

A place of power is not only a physical place that makes you powerful. It is a physical, mental and emotional container that has no “Energy-Leaks”.

You are already powerful. Extremely powerful. Everyone is. But many people spend their time in places that drain their energy. Places that are filled with Energy-Leaks.

The cause of these Energy-Leaks can be obvious things like an abusive relationship, a hateful work environment or a dirty rundown apartment.

But they can also be things that are easily overlooked. Like a bedroom that is also your office. You will find no rest there. Or living with someone who carries money traumatic experiences. Or simply the fact that your bed creaks when you move, at the sink is leaking or there’s a hole in every sock you own.

Sometimes the things that look healthy and positive from the outside can be surprisingly draining. Constant travelling for example looks very good on paper but is in fact extremely “leaky”.

All of these things have one thing in common:
They are leaky in terms of energy.
Some more, some less. But all are drain your enegry.

Don’t underestimate this.
Not even the small things.

To find or create a place of power for yourself, make it your goal to have no Energy-Leaks in them.

What about the place you are currently in?
Does it have Energy-Leaks? Can you fix those?
Or is it time to find a new place of power elsewhere?

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