Moving Shadows and the frightening Qualities of the Unexplainable

I am still awake after writing my last entry about those footsteps behind my door. I’m sitting in our dark house and have only lit a candle for light.

Sitting there, with fear touching my heart, I fully understand why humans cling to technology and artificial light so much. The mystical, the unexplainable realm, the “never-never” can be a frightening entity. I feel the shadows moving in our living room. I want to jump up, turn on all the lights and my smartphone to access technology and the control and safety it seems to offer.

The Dilemma of the modern Shaman

Feeling this, I am reminded of my brother. He always has his phone turned on, playing something. Always. One day I also noticed him moving around restlessly and very agitated when he couldn’t find his phone. He also often sleeps with the lights on.

What does this mean?

Maybe it simply means that he has a strong access to the mystical/unexplainable realm. Maybe there are many people like this – people with a strong access to everything that can’t be explained.

For such people it must be hard to live in a reality where mind rules and only the explainable matters.

I find it important to add that when it comes to this, it is not such “gifted” human beings who are wrong. It is our society that is afraid of anything it can’t explain and thus robs itself of untold insights and wisdom.

Wouldn’t it be a much more colourful world if such “modern shamans” would be taken seriously? If they would truly have a place amongst us. Wouldn’t that be a good thing?

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