Footsteps beyond my Door

Why am I waking up at 02:00 am (roughly) every night and exactly once? Normally I find sleep again, but tonight it eludes me.

I find myself remembering a curious incident from when I was younger. A teenager, roughly guessing.

I was laying awake at night, in my upstairs room, hearing footsteps outside my door. I knew nobody was awake and none of my brother’s ever sleep-walked. And yet – outside my door there where these footsteps. Unmistakable footsteps. Always in the same rhythm. Endlessly walking. Coming from nowhere and going nowhere. And no matter how much I dragged myself back to consciousness, no matter how much fear drove away all thoughts of sleep, I could still hear those footsteps on the carpet beyond my closed door.

This only ever happened once to me.
But tonight I find myself remembering.

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