Writing a Book while running a Business

I have agreed to join the YoungVision training group book project again. And it might have been a mistake.

A while back I left the project because I was feeling overwhelmed with my life and completely unable to handle multiple things at once. But here in Tenerife, when Luna asked me to join again, it felt right. So I simply said yes.

How does this fit now?
I believe it doesn’t.

I continue to believe that when it comes to projects as complex as running a business, you can only have one at a time. Going deep into it is where the magic happens. And that needs a full and clear commitment.

So how can I run a business and write a book?

My first approach would be to give the book 30 minutes of my time every morning and see how I go from there. But if I’m truly honest with myself I simply feel that this cannot work.

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