Window Dog

Isn’t it strange how the most ridiculous moments, that have no significance for you alive whatsoever, sometimes stay with you for a long time?

This seems to be a thing for me especially while traveling.

So what did Tbilisi have for me?


There is this one street which you would walk, when you want to buy groceries in the local supermarket here. On that street, there is that one window which is just about eye-level. You don’t really notice it. And in that window lives window-dog. And he waits there. Lurking behind the curtains, watching you approach. And right when you are below his window, he comes crashing through the curtains, barking his loudest. Just one or two quick barks. Very efficient. Then he checks if he has given you a proper scare (which he will), and then lays down again. All smug and full of triumph.

It always works.
It definitely worked on me.

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