Why your Girlfriend does not like your Business-Podcast

I’ve had an interesting talk with Julian and I want to share some thoughts today.

Julian told me about the beginning of this project, when he would discover business-related podcasts and was describing a moment where his girlfriend didn’t want to listen to those with him. She would rather have music in the car, he described in mocking tones. I am writing this because not in accusation, but because I’ve had the same experience. Like Julian I also broke up with my girlfriend a short while later.

What Julian and me probably couldn’t see at the time was that our women didn’t have a problem with those podcasts, but with us men going away to an “all mind” place. Our relationship has no real space there. Women in general seem to feel out of place in such a space.

We entrepreneurs love to talk about passion.
There is even the word “passionpreneur” for it.

But let’s face it:
Our work and way of life is extremely mindy.

And when you commit to such a path, this overly mindy state seeps into every aspect of your life if you are not careful with it. Everything becomes a puzzle for the mind the solve, to optimise and to take care of.

The fact that this is happening is very easy to miss, because the mind is very convincing and in a world where mind rules it is a hard thing to challenge.

What the mind misses here is the following:
Most women move in other spheres than us men. And because of that, they have access to different qualities. Seeing and valuing those not only brings tremendous value to your life, it also sets your business apart in an all mind world.

I certainly was not able to see this back when I started.
I simply write this down here for those of you who need to read it.

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