When the Universe accidentally steps on you

Yesterday I killed another living being. It was an accident. And maybe the universe has such accidents as well from time to time.

I was training outside, when my jumping-rope broke. I went into one of our sheds to fix it. Still occupied with the rope on my way back, I stepped on a little worm that was carefully wriggling its way along my concrete training platform. I saw it one second too late. I lifted my foot off of it as quickly as possible, making me stumble, but the damage was already done.

I sincerely apologized to this little creature, hoping that would recover eventually. But it quickly became clear that it would not survive its injuries. In the end I had to kill it.

For this tiny creature I might as well have been a god or the entire universe. I doubt it could understand what was happening to it and why. From its perspective it had been struck by a great and incomprehensible tragedy. A great unfairness.

And as gloomy as this sounds, maybe the great universe also works like this. Maybe it has accidents once in a while. Even when it has your best interest at heart, sometimes it accidentally steps on you.

Before leaving, I offered the soul of this little creature in place next to mine. I also offered to show it a part of my world, if it wanted to see it.

And maybe that is also true for the universe.
When you are struck by a great tragedy in life, do universe will offer you a special place in death.

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