When the duck walked through the moonlight-door

Yesterday was Claras birthday and I would like to share a certain moment that was both very intimate, playful and deep.

In the afternoon she was feeling cold and wanted to take a bath. I came with her but just sat next to the bathtub, wrapped in a woolen blanket. I sang her a playfully strange song about a duck that meets an old shaman after walking through the moonlight-door. Random, I know.

She was naked, quietly listening and laughing along. At some point I got up and noticed that the candlelight in the bathroom looked much more magical if I blocked the daylight from the window with my blanket. So I just did that for a while so that she could enjoy the beautiful light and atmosphere. There was no shame awkwardness and that moment. I was standing there silently, my back turned to her, blocking out the daylight with my blanket. She was lying in the bathtub, breathing softly while enjoying the calm light of the candle.

It was none of those moments that count as moments of great achievement.
But at the same time it was a moment that was intimate and playful and deep.

And that sounds very good as well.

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