What where you passionate about before School?

It is not true in all cases, but let us agree for a second that school was the first big event that muddled everything up inside of you.

Let’s assume that school set you on a pre-defined path, and told you to walk it. You didn’t really want to four it was filled with things you were supposed to learn against your will. Against your own inner curiosity and playfulness. School was the first thing that turned your life into a problem to be solved.

Do you remember what you were like before all of that?
What would you do all day long?
What were your curious about?

I barely remember.
But I remember some things.

I remember a young boy with curly black hair, who would shout up at the sky, imitating an eagle that saw flying there. I remember conversation of sorts with that animal.

I remember boy who built things out of wood with his grandfather. Who who felt pride at building a giant snowman with his grandfather. I remember my grandmother taking a picture of us.

I remember my brother and me play-fighting with my father. I remember watching wrestling and superhero movies with my brother. I remember imitating those heroes and enjoying it.

I remember stroking my grandparents dog. I still remember the feel of it’s fluffy furr.

And I remember running away from school and from kindergarten both. I remember hiding in a shed. I remember making a tiny circle made of flowers there. I remember throwing it to my teacher, as a peace offering.

I think it’s a good idea to go back to these childhood memories once in a while. Especially if you feel lost as an adult. Because going back to your childhood and exploring what you felt curious about is a great start when you want to find your path again.

There is also the question you can ask yourself.
In some cases it is an uncomfortable one:

If you could meet the child that you once where, would that child look at you with a smile?
Would that child look forward to walking path that you have chosen?

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