Thoughts on why I stick to myself so much

I am slowly finding my way around in Tbilisi. Getting in touch with other people proves difficult though.

I don’t understand the language and english is not as commonly spoken as I had thought.

I know movement can bridge this language-gap easily and yet I’m not seeking out movement classes. Instead I stick to the “silent” and safe surroundings of a workspace or a gym so far.

The later is not really “silent” on the outside, but on the inside there’s very little interaction between humans in a gym. You train with a machine. Eye contact and physical touch is mostly nonexistent. It doesn’t feel like play and the training there makes me physically slow.

So why do I keep going there?
Why am I not seeking out martial arts classes more?
Wasn’t that part of the plan in the beginning?

I guess I need to give myself a bit more time to feel safe in this new environment.
And I’m okay with that.

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