The worst kind of life and how to get there

With all the chasing of happieness and the good life, I thought it would be a good idea to define the very worst life imaginable.

Why? Because after doing so you know where making (or not making) certain choices might lead you.

So let’s begin!

In my oppinion the worst kind of life is not filled with pain and suffering, but unending dullness. A life with neither ups or downs. Like a heart that has given up on beating. A heart that remembers what life could be like, yet is too afraid to claim it.

The first step on this trip to such endless dullness is probably the moment when you let someone take away your playfulness a child:

Sit still. Grow up.
Don’t fidget all the time.

And with the loss of this playful approach to life you begin to walk down a corridor. With every step made more conform and more agreeable to society.

And then you start a job you don’t enjoy.
To buy things you don’t want.
To impress people you don’t like.

Noth your body and your heart send you all sorts of signals. But instead of listening you take pills and drugs. Or you drink or party or chase sex, in an attempt to somehow not feel the dullness.

It never works.
You know it’s there.

And because nothing seems to work, at some point you decide to have a child.

And then it all starts again.

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