The Toolmaker

I would like to write a bit about the role you inhibit when you are coaching, guiding or advising other people.

It’s so easy to get attached to an image of a “repairman”. In the sense that you are (at least in part) manifesting a solution for another persons challenges. This might feel like a short-term fix for both parties, but it’s actually harmful.

A better role would be the one of a “toolmaker”. Someone who creates, collects and explores tools that might be used to create solutions to inner problems. He will show you how to use any of his tools, explain advantages and disadvantages. But then lets you use the tool on your own, so that you will always have a copy of it available when you need it.

A toolmaker listens very carefully and with attention and will offer a set of tools you might use to get out of a tight spot. But nothing more. For he fully believes in his power how to make other people powerful.

As a sidenote for toolmakers:
While you can never have too many tools, I think it is usually better to have a few trusted tools in your repertoire, than a million unused ones.

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