The Sound of a healthy Place

The new decade has begun and I feel like change will come crashing over me like a wave.

I’ve spent New Year’s Eve on a Gathering from YoungVision. I could write about many wonderful moments or insights from those days, but the one I’d like to describe right now is the moment I realised that a healthy environment can be easily spotted by sound.

One evening I was lying in my sleeping spot. I had shared intimacy with Clara and was feeling deeply at peace. There was nothing left to do. I was looking at the ceiling and suddenly became aware of the sounds around me: Someone playing the piano. Another person’s voice singing along. Other people in deep, soft conversation. The clutter and laughter of a meal being prepared in another room. Rain against the window. And a peaceful silence gently wrapping all of this.

Something like this these are the sounds a healthy place makes.
This is what a place of power sounds like.

Listen for such sounds in you life.
Follow them. Such dounds will never lead you astray.

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