The Language of the Universe

The universe is constantly guiding you to the place and life you actually wish to be in. And it does so beautifully.

It’s guidance is easy to miss, because the universe does not communicate to you through the language of the mind. Instead it speaks to you in a more subtle voice. It speaks to your body, your intuition and your inner being. The trick is to follow that voice, even if your mind does not understand its message yet.

So watch for the things that come your way, that make you feel:
An upwards motion in your body.
A brightening of your energy.
A strong inspiration.

Do not dismiss those lightly.

That’s the universe telling you “Come this way, baby!”

And watch when this creates inner conflict within yourself. Especially with your mind. In most cases that is a sign, that your mind still holds on to some old and limiting beliefs.

I’m not ready to do this…
This will not work, because…
I don’t have the resources to…

These limiting beliefs always try to stop this guidance in it’s tracks.
Like a dam blocking a river, preventing it from flowing with all it’s powerful beauty.

The inner conflict, is a wonderful sign that you don’t need those beliefs any more. And it arises, because your mind does not want to let them go.

If you have experienced this, it’s time for you to let them go and start moving with the river. Sure, you can hold on for a while longer if you wish. But make no mistake: The universe will come knocking time and time again.

It does so only for you.
And this is a good thing.

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