The impact of a strict Person

Julian is gone. Slowly but surely our little work-group in Tenerife is coming to an end. Daniel and I are leaving tomorrow.

I notice two things:

First – the sense of nostalgic beauty that surrounds things that are ending. Making room for new beginnings.

Second – the impact of a person that is disciplined on the inside as well as the outside.

Julians day to day life here was like clockwork: Getting up at 7 a.m., running, work, playing a videogame, sleep. Every day. While one part of me wants to label that as overly robotic and machine-like, I can’t deny the fact that such a person has a positive impact on a community. A sense of stability and achievement, stability and purpose.

The question now is:
Can I be that person for myself?
Can I be that person without losing my foolish side?
Can I be both disciplined and playful when necessary?

It seems to me that this discipline can be a good container for playfulness.

And looking at these questions with this in mind, I think I can be that person for myself.

Maybe I am already.

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