The Gate to the Dream-Reality is sharp and clear

This morning I woke up noticing a crystal clear switch from a dream-reality to my own reality.

The separation is almost not there.
The transition was instant.

As for my dream, I remember lying in a bed. Jesus or God somehow played a role. A friend was climbing into the same bed a bit after me and got ready for sleep on my left.

The Reality-Interface

There was also some kind of interface that would rotate and control parts of a reality. Like the spinning wheels of a slot machine, only stacked vertically. I remember turning individual slots. I can’t remember the symbols but was left with a feeling that the top one (the one I was adjusting last) was connected to the head / mind.

Waking up

When my alarm rang I was “teleported” to this reality.
There was no travelling from one reality into another. There was no “getting there”. It happened instantly.

The question of “how real” this dream-reality was seemed to completely obsolete.
It is as real as this reality.

During my morning yoga I noticed that I could connect back to the feeling of the dream reality. It felt a bit like a waking dream I suppose. It felt like being in this reality, but not fully.

It felt like peeking behind the curtain.
It felt good. It felt right.

I also learned that connecting back to the dream-reality can’t be done with the mind. You have to let that focus go. The mind seems to be what anchors you in this reality. To connect to the dream-reality you have to go deeper and watch with your heart.

It’s a bit like watching something in your peripheral vision.

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