The Fear of the Unknown on a Journey

Alright! Second day in Georgia. Since it’s sunday I feel a bit torn between staying inside, doing nothing and exploring the city more.

Interesting, how going out, where other people are, is oftern so hard for me. Why is that? Let’s explore that right now!

Is it connected to my feelings towards other people?

Do I feel uncomfortable speaking?
Do I not trust in my own voice?
Do I not trust others in general?

Or is is simply connected to the fear of the unknown?

Maybe moving to an unknown location, where unknown people, speaking in an unknown language are is supposed to feel a bit scary. Maybe it’s very good, that I feel this way. Maybe there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

This topic seems interesting to look at while I’m here.
So I decided to go out.

I only noticed that eye-contact changes something.
Real eye-contact. It’s not much of an insight, but it’s a start.

I’m okay with just a start.

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