Symmetry in Love and Growth

My dear, allow me to highlight a delightful symmetry that emerges as time goes on. Initially, I resolved our financial woes. As a couple, we faced debt and low income, which often leads to relationship breakdowns. To overcome this, I took drastic measures by relocating us to Georgia, a challenging yet rewarding decision. The financial prosperity we experienced thereafter was truly remarkable.

You, in turn, addressed our enmeshment and codependency, equally perilous to a healthy relationship. By taking similarly bold steps, you helped mend the broken aspects of our partnership. Both matters required resolution; the former fell within my expertise, while the latter was your domain. Together, we utilized our knowledge and experience to tackle these issues effectively.

Increasingly, I can appreciate the growth, depth, and beauty arising from the emotional freedom we now explore. Just as you accompanied me to Georgia, I must also journey with you through this transformation. However, I believe maintaining a connection between us is essential; completely severing ties may prove unwise. Your contributions are as valuable as the financial stability I provided – if not more so.

Combining these strengths will yield a life as beautiful as one could imagine: free and independent, joyful, vibrant, extraordinary, loving, profound, playful, and connected. Our resilient bond will form an unshakeable foundation for whatever the future holds.

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