Stories and the Words you speak

It’s so easy to miss the moment when your mind slips into a story and out of this moment.

This is where your mind can quickly turn against you, since many of its stories have a fearful theme. Try to catch these moments and come back to reality. Notice the made-up story and let it go.

This is most important in times when your face outer problems.
Especially those that are outside of your control.

Unfortunately in such times this is especially difficult to do. But most beneficial. If you can manage it, the fear will still be there, but it will wash over you like cloud. Without ever truly touching you.

So watch out for the stories.

Speaking the Stories away

If you are caught up in a story try speaking about it.
Just make sure you speak about it in a positive light.

Simply giving voice to the negative story just makes it more real. Then it will only grow and begin to radiate from you like a shadow. Giving voice to it in a positive way allows the story to leave you in peace.


Because light thoughts flow away easily.
Dark thoughts always linger.

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