Stepping out of Time

The digital gods whisper in many languages. One of them is time. It’s one of their favorites.

Time is created by your mind and it is through this gateway, that the digital gods try to rob you of all your attention. All of it.

One way to defend against this is to simply step out of time.

The closer I am to society, the more difficult but necessary this becomes. Especially if I want to experience life with clarity.

Just to be clear:
By “stepping out of time” I do not mean those moments of flow-state achievements, where you simply don’t notice time because your mind is fully with a certain task. I mean those moments when you have nothing to achieve and simply let your whole inner being wander aimlessly.

I think those are different.

So play around with this.
Spend some time out of time.

This is not possible with a smartphone anywhere near you.

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