Shining eyes and great Achievements

I just remembered a certain moment that I felt like writing about.

A while back, I wrote about how wonderful it made me feel as a child, when my father would laugh with me at the movies and videogames I liked. Some days ago I caught myself doing the same with Mia and it made me happy and proud and happy again.

Maria, Mia and I where having lunch in the kichen. Maria was cooking, while Mia and I had set the table and where sitting in front of each other, having a conversation.

We joked and played and at some point Mia told one of those jokes only a child can tell. It made no sense at all. But I found it genuinely funny, so I threw my head back in healthy, honest laughter.

And at that moment I caught it.

A subtle shift in her laughter and a shine in her eyes, watching me laugh. I could see her feeling both accepted and proud, that her joke created such laughter in me. I could see her usual light, only turned up to level 100.

That smile on her face.
That shine in her eyes.

If that dancing firefly within her keeps glowing brigt, then everything else will just fall into place and there is nothing to worry about.

All that learning.
All that growing up.
All that navigating through life.
It doesn’t matter. Not really.

What matters is that this light keeps glowing. So it becomes not really a matter of teaching her something, but helping her not forget.

Another thing I notice:
All that I have done and achieved, sometimes pales in comparison to such moments. Such moments might actually be my greatest achievements in this life.

Good thing that I can notice that.

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