Relationship Rituals

In my current relationship with Clara I noticed some healthy habits emerging. Naturally emerging without any force behind it. I want to share some of those today.

First was a daily ritual of getting up very early, doing yoga (or any kind of movement movement) together, followed by simply spending time talking with each other for awhile. This had a groundbreaking effect on us as individuals as well as our relationship.

Later a mid-day-ritual revealed itself, where we would speak about work, set a theme for the day and held ourselves accountable. It includes both my world of work (playful business) and hers (playful sensuality).

Finally an evening-ritual emerged, where I would read to her. This turned out to be wonderful because it is not work related, it let us experience a story together, it includes touch and still gives me something to do do (the reading and voiceacting) which slowly takes me out of my working-mode in the evenings.

All in all these activities feel beautiful and healthy when it comes to how to spend time as a couple.

I think it is worth exploring together.
So if you have a partner right now now experiment with this. Be playful and kind to each other instead of trying to be perfect. And integrate these rituals step-by-step. Because one small and healthy ritual a day is much better than five large ones that you suddenly feel stressed about.

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