Progress, a Talk and thanking my Body

Only one day has passed here in Tenerife and I am already seeing so much progress and development.

Being here with Julian and Daniel slowly turns out to be a powerful experience. I also had a deeper talk with Daniel about asking for money and making decisions from the heart.

I think I did some good in that talk and he came out stronger and more aligned then before. The same can be said about him. Whenever I talk about decisions from the heart, it’s like a spark lights up in me and the person in front of me. Like we both remember something powerful that we had forgotten.

The heart is wise and powerful and understands the language of the universe. I truly believe that. Trusting in that is often more difficult though, because we live in a world where mind rules over all. And the mind can neither understand the universe nor the heart truly.

Oh and also I almost broke my foot today.
Thank you body for saving me!

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