Peace and Happiness is all you ever wanted

When everything falls away and I really get to the bottom of myself, all I really want is this: A peaceful and happy life.

Not money, not status, not sex, not a huge house, a fast car or a diamond watch. I don’t mind having any of these things, but what I really want is simply: Peace and Happiness.

On Peace and Happiness

If you look at the nature of peace and happiness long enough, you’ll find that they are actually the same thing:

Happiness is peace in motion.
Peace is happiness in stillness.

Let that sink in for a moment.

When you are at peace, anything you do will be a happy activity.
And when you stop doing any happy activity, you will be at peace.

I bet deep down you already know this.

Here comes the tricky part:
How do I ususally try to create a peaceful and happy life for myself?

Chasing the “Freedom to…”

Usually I try to create a peaceful and happy life by stubbornly and relentlessly chasing a certain kind of freedom, which I would now call the “Freedom to…”.

Just picking some common topics to illustrate the point – in my head it usually goes like this:

“When I have the freedom to buy whatever I want, I’ll be happy.”

“When I have the freedom to use my time however I want, I’ll be at peace.”

“When I have the freedom to have sex whenever I feel lust, I’ll be at happy.”

Chasing this “Freedom to…” often feels right, because it provides an explanation for why I am not happy and at peace right now. It also creates the illusion of a solution that I will find in the future, if only I worked hard enough.

And hey, apart from that – everybody is doing it, right?

The big delusion with chasing said “Freedom to…” is this:
The more I chase anything this way, the less I am peaceful and happy.
All while convincing myself that I’m actually getting closer.

This is where people usually get lost.
Myself included.

Meeting the “Freedom from…”

Today I realized that I actually don’t want “Freedom to…” but “Freedom from…” all of these things.

Money: I want freedom from worrying about money.

Time: I want freedom from the concept of time in general.

Sex: I want freedom from the need to chase sex to feel good enough.

Being free from all of these things only leaves being.
And that is peace and happiness and all you ever wanted.

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