On trying to understand the matters of the Heart

Sometimes in life you run into situations where you have to make a decision that feels difficult, because your options are strongly connected to your heart.

Then you start thinking about it. You try to look at it from all the angles. Explore all the options. Take every variable into account. Endlessly you go back and forth with this without finding a solution.

At some point you realise:
Trying to understand the matters of the heart with your mind is like catching the butterfly barehanded.

It becomes increasingly frustrating and when you actually catch it you hold it prisoner and can only look at it while it is being robbed of many qualities that make it a butterfly.

The “Solution”

Most times you are much better off to let go of trying to catch it all and simply sit and watch the butterfly dance. They are you can come to terms with the realisation that some matters of the heart just can’t be grasped with your mind. The heart ones what the heart wants. Reason does not enter into it.

Realizing this is not a “solution” for your real life situation.
But often it invites such a solution.
And it does so in a healthy way.

I have found this to be true for my life many times.

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