On truly meeting another human being

What is the place for science and knowledge when it comes to meeting another human being?

I’ve started to read Carl Jung because the name came up around me again and again. In his writing I feel very much at home so far and I can relate to many things, although I have chosen different words for them.

One thing I’ve learned today was this:
When I truly want to meet someone, I have to let go of science and knowledge a little bit.

Not completely, but because both are based on statistics, averages and categories, they leave no space for the full individuality of a single human being in all it’s different colors.

And yet, both can add tremendous value to an interaction, don’t they?

So what’s the soution?

A kind of two-way thinking is needed:
One that leaves enough space for the possibility, that the human being in front of me, is completely and utterly different from anything that is known to me, without ignoring the value that science and knowledge can offer to the interaction.

So let me look at others in this way.
Let me listen to them with this in mind.
And let me feel them with a heart that remembers this.

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