On Three-Way-Listening

If you find yourself at a crossroads in life, if you are faced with a difficult situation, do this: Listen three ways.

Three-Way-Listening means listening with your body, your heart and your mind.

By doing this, you gain access to the wisdom of your whole being and this is important and can be of great use in such situations.

Listening to your Body

Listening to your body comes first, because motion and movement will stir other parts of you to be active and alive. Preferably you move to the point where you can’t think anymore. Because this part is all about getting access to the wisdom of your body. And to get that, your mind needs to be quiet. Its also a good idea to do this in nature, since nature usually keeps you in the current moment.

Make sure you keep a close watch on your body while you do this, since this is the moment where your body will reveal its wisdom to you, either in thoughts, feelings of physical sensations and reactions.

Listening to your Heart

Next comes listening to your heart. The easiest do that is by meditation. So just sit and listen to what comes up for a while.

Don’t try to conjure anything specific. Don’t try to block anything specific. Just focus on your heart and see what Images and Words show up. You can fully trust your heart to show you all the things you need to see.

Listening to you Mind

Lastly comes to mind. You can access the wisdom of your mind by writing. Simply thinking is not enough because in thought you usually take shortcuts and leave certain things out. Writing them down forces you to be coherent and clear.

Make it special

This exercise is not an “everyday thing” and I think its a good idea to turn this into something magical. So light a candle and find a beautiful place where you can move, meditate and write in peace. Respect and honor the process as it will invite all of your wisdom to step forward.

The Result

Finally take a moment to look at everythign you’ve gathered in front of you. Do you see an answer? A path? A solution? A truth? If so – move forward with that.

If you are stuck with the results or if you have conflicting results it’s often a good idea to talk to someone. This can be a friend, a family member or your partner. The only thing that matters here is that it is a person you trust. And a person that can “hold” such a conversation.

Enjoy the journey.

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