On the part in me that wants me to succeed

Running in the morning does me good. But running with ease only slowly comes back to me. Currently it’s a bit of a drag. The same seems to be true for this type of writing. It’s not flowing easily.

I think in both cases this is the case, because I had stopped to do both regularly. Now I’m starting again, but a part in me does so with very high expectations of myself. That part of me wants me to run for hours and write down only pure wisdom.

There are two note here.

First, that these expectations are the thing that stops the ease and playfulness.

Second, that this part of me is not against me. It wants me to succeed and be healthy, strong and safe. So it’s not a part to fight against. Instead its important to see it for a tool that can be used, but can also be put aside.

What do you think?

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