On every Journey I meet Death

Every Journey has one effect on me I find quite fascinating: It makes me mindful of death.

With this journey its no different. Sitting at the airport, I just can’t help but ponder the idea that I might not return from this trip.

This sounds so gloomy and whenever I speak to someone about this, I’m usually met with hushing tones. Because you don’t speak about death.

I kind of understand, but overall I find the thought very beautiful and worth speaking. It makes me remember that I have lived a most colorful life. It makes me treasure the ups as well as the downs and I would do and have it all again.

So if today is my last, I will leave a as happy man. And while I made beautifully complex mistakes and failed in many spectacular ways, I also did amazing things of beauty and light. And that is quite wonderful.

Finally, if there’s really such a thing as a last wish, something thats made of magic, I would wish that Mia grows up with the same shine in her eyes that she has now. She is truly a light and the fact that she is here is a reminder for me that everything has happened exactly as it was supposed to happen.

I truly wish you all the best.

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