On Action that follows your true Being

When we wish to start doing something we often look towards motivation. How do I motivate myself to act?

Then try to find some general trick to access this “universal motivation”. We read books, listen to podcasts or watch videos on the topic. Sometimes we even ask other people. And yet it never really seems to work.

Things to consider on Motivation

Have you ever considered that there’s no such thing as universal approach motivation? Especially when it comes to you as a highly individual human being.

That means you will have to figure this out on your own.
And that this is the only way.

You as a human being carry the collective wisdom and experience of all your ancestors inside of you.
I think this plays a role when it comes to motivation and moving into action. Especially if you want to do so with passion and a feeling of “rightness”.

Maybe you are a warrior-soul like me. I find it easy to go into action when there is danger or challenge ahead of me. Something to overcome. In such moments moving into action comes easy to me. It feels right.

And while it feels right to me it most certainly isn’t right for you.
You are a completely different soul.
And how to move your soul is for you alone to find out.

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