Observations about the Comfort-Zone

I always thought the comfort zone to be perfectly round circle inside of me that can only ever expand.

Here is an example:
Sometimes I do not like to meet people and groups. I thought this to be a result of my comfort-zone not being expanded far enough to include that. But once expanded enough, meeting people in groups would never be a problem again. From that point on it would always come easy to me. And since the comfort-zone is completely round, many other activities would automatically feel easier as well. A circle expands in all directions, right?

It turns out however that the comfort zone is neither ever-expanding, nor is it round.

Once you have expanded it, it can also shrink again. And it does not expand like a perfect circle, but more like soapy bubbles connecting to each other, and thus expanding the whole.

So one day you’ll find your comfort zone in this shape and another days in that.

It is your job to be disciplined and watchful with experiences that take away from your comfort zone. Is this your job to be playful and curious with experiences that add to your comfort zone.

Thats all.

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