My Dog and the Universe

Here’s a thought I’d like to share. I’ve read it somewhere and fell in love with it.

Sometimes when I sit and eat a piece of chocolate cake, my dog comes along and begs me to give her a piece. But since I know that chocolate is bad for dogs, I can’t give her any. She doesn’t understand that and begs all the harder. She wraps around my legs, whelps and wriggles on the floor and sometimes even barks at me. At some point she gives up and settles down sadly in the corner.

I like to think of the universe that way. That it watches out for me and only has my best interests at heart. Only like me and my dog, I and the universte don’t speak the same language. And that that is why many times I can’t understand why I can’t have a certain thing in life.

So let me trust in the universe like my dog trusts in me.

Especially during those times when I really, really want my chocolate cake and feel like growling at the fact that I can’t have it.

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