Maybe I’m simply a Reminder

Kira asked me about making money and how that could be done. And no matter in what direction I let my mind wander with this question, I always come back to the things she enjoys doing.

Thise are the things that feel playful and interesting to her. Every other path seems not really worth walking. Not really natural. Every path that ignores those and instead focuses on money or safety alone, ultimately feels like a waste of time and not much more to me.

Unfortunately I also feel the paths that align with her playful passions will take time and quite a bit of walking before they are financially stable. So she might have to walk them bravely for quite a while, before all the worry about money will stop following her like a dark little cloud. I have a feeling that experiencing this now might be an important part of her journey.

And yet the question remains… how to earn money now so that she can eat? I must admit that I don’t know. I think the best I can do is to remind her to follow that which feels playful to her as best she can.

It’s also a great reminder for myself that I don’t have all the answers for others.

My path is my path. It works for me and me alone. So the only thing I can realistically do when it comes to guiding someone to a rich and happy life, is giving inspiration and encouragement to playfully explore and stay ones own individual path.

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