Life-Paths, Doors and a Date

It seems that all of a sudden Maria has met man she feels very passionately about and it leaves me with mixed feelings.

I was baby-sitting Mia when she had a date and it was an interesting mix of emotions when she came back home the next morning rosy-cheeked, smiling and wearing a sweater that belong to him.

She seemed so happy, so excited. And I felt happy and excited with her. But I also felt sadness. I think that sadness rose in me, because a possible shared life-path that opens up for us three (Maria, Mia and me) from time to time, was closed again that day/night.

I know this is a good thing.
I don’t fit into that path.
We have tried.

Before I left that morning, Mia suddenly ran into my direction and leapt into my arms, hugging me silently for a few precious seconds. I hugged her back quietly and felt very much at peace. These tiny little moments often make me the happiest man on earth.

What a great gift to have the chance to experience such innocent love.

I think I’m a bit scared to lose my connection to them.

So I breavely wish this:
To keep my connection to them in a healthy and peaceful way.
And to accept whatever that may mean.

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