Just Start

Working with people can be very difficult. Especially in a group.

We are currently writing a book and such a group. Around 10 people from YoungVision got together for this project. The issue I see is that we all try to write that book “on the side”. We all have our own individual jobs and so much of our attention and energy flows elsewhere.

I have always believed that magic happens at the extremes. That means full commitment to a certain thing. And that is something that cannot happen “on the side”.

Also there seems to be an insecurity about it. A lot of members seem to be stuck in a planning and orientation face. Sometimes when you want to write something, you have to just start writing.

The rest will just fall into place.

The trick here is to be with the act of writing fully, instead of a made-up future where the book is already finished. That takes all the joy out of it.

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