I’m good at loving you from far away

Whenever I am with someone I love, after a while I want to get away. I sounds a bit sad, but I think it might be a very healthy and beautiful thing to do.

Over the years the sentence “I’m better at loving someone from afar.”, has come up from time to time. And I’m indeed very good at doing that. I find myself beautifully and deeply in love with a few wonderful human beings right now. But none of them are here at them moment.

I can spend time with someone I love and love them deeply. But after a while I feel like I begin to vanish. Like I lose myself. And then I want to get away. It’s almost as if I need space to become myself again.

I think this “stepping away” is a very healthy thing to do. At least for me. Because when I have lost myself, when I have vanished, there is no place from where I can love. And I can’t love you if I’m not there.

So this “stepping away to become myself again” might actually be a commitment to love.

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