I used to be human

There is a pretty good article called “I used to be human”. It’s long, but well worth the read and it scares me with things I already know.

I already know that below every moment I feel shakey and insecure, lies an addiction to the digital realm. An addiction to mental speed and an endless torrent of information.

I know all that.

But right now it also makes me doubt my descicion to travel.

I am not going to the celebrate life or the young vision festival because I decided to start living as a digital nomad, constantly traveling and exploring the world, while working from my laptop.

It sounds good.
It feels adventurous.

But right now it also feels like a huge commitment to cut all ties to the real world and spend even more time in the digital one. Following through with this, means that even meeting my friends and family now has to happen digitally.

Shouldn’t that thought scare me?
Am I making the biggest mistake of my life without realizing it?

Writing this does not feel easy.

It reminds me of a feeling that occasionally comes up in me: that I’m more of a spectator to life. It feels like life does happen around me, but I’m not really part of it. I’m noticing it, but only from the sideline.

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