How to work with Inspiration

Feeling inspired, truly inspired to do something should be the only way to work.

This may sound hard if you are stuck in a job that forces you to do the exact opposite.

If you are, I challenge you to leave it.

You waste your time and rob the world of all the marvelous things you could be creating. Starting to work by following your inspiration is a wonderful approach, because it’s always connected to the language of the universe. So connected in fact, that I think it’s actually impossible to follow what inspires you and not work with the universe. It’s like letting a river carry you somewhere and enjoying the trip, instead of paddling against it with gritted teeth.

The path to opening up to this lies in letting go of control and simply not being closed to the universal language. This is not a difficult thing to do in general, it is only difficult for the mind.

So say this to the universe:
“I trust you. Let’s see what you have in store for me today.”

Say it will with the full force of your heart behind it.
And then trust in whatever comes your way.

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