How to Rest and take a Break

We all need rest. And when I write this, I don’t mean unconcious rest (sleep), although that is critically important to a successful life.

Sometimes we all need to rest while being fully concious.

And I don’t think many people know how to actually do that.
Hell, in such a noisy and restless world, I sometimes forget myself.

Here is how to not really rest:
You stop working and start bombarding yourself with endless ideas, information, voices, sounds and images. Podcasts, Audiobooks, Youtube-Videos, Books, Courses, Events – all of these things bring an insane amount of information (and sometimes plain noise) into your system.

This is not rest. This is distracting yourself.
And sometimes distracting yourself actually helps a little.

Real rest is quiet.
Real rest means staring out the window without doing anything on purpose. Just letting your mind wander where it wants to wander.

Doing this might sound easy, but it’s often not.
Because by doing this your system will start going through experiences that you had no time to really live through yet. All the things you usually keep hidden from yourself. So depending on what lurks beneath the surface, it’s understandable that many people choose endless distraction instead.

How rested and at peace are you at the moment?
Care to find out? Then try this:
Sit down and do nothing for 30 minutes.
Don’t even meditate.
There you will feel it.

Truly resting is a bit like going through unopened inner emails that have been piling up.
Some are big and scary.
Some only seemed that way.
Some are filled with unexpected suprises.
And some are just curious, odd or expetionally funky.

The peace that comes from finally reaching this empty inner inbox is well worth it.

It’s a place that’s worth moving towards.
And I would love to meet you there.

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