How to navigate the coming months

The impact of the coronavirus seems to be something big. These are some thoughts about how to navigate the coming months.

First corona was just something on the news. Far away. In February the ITB and every big live-event was cancelled. In March we had shops being short on essentials, people looking up nervously when someone sneezes and a crash in the stock market.

But I noticed corona most this month because I couldn’t pay the bus. I was not allowed to. The drivers cabins were sealed and no physical money was accepted.

Of course I also see it in the numbers of my own business which is travel-related. Nobody travels right now.

All of this sounds so gloomy and feels like a huge downwards-spiral. Yet in all of this, as well as in the coming months also lies chance and opportunity.

I am writing this because I have decided to be a light for others in this crisis. Activities, thoughts, words that create an upwards-spiral become the main focus of my life.

And with this everything else just passed away.
Thought, words, motions. And an upwards-spiral in dark times.

Quite a challenge, but worth a shot.

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