How to make an effective Life-Descision

If you have fully made a decision for a certain path in life, it will happen no matter what. You will be unstoppable. But only if you have truly made that decision without deceiving yourself.

An Example:
Let’s assume want to start your own business as a coach. You see yourself giving sessions two people in need, host sold out live-workshops, write books or articles and generally helping thousands of people live their best life. And of course you also like the idea of getting paid for all of this.

On a mental level you find that this sounds very nice on paper. You have the first few ideas and you noticed that you even have the required knowledge.

But when you want to start taking action, suddenly things aren’t progressing smoothly. You never really get started, you get stuck in an endless loop of waiting for the perfect time to set your plan in Motion.

But this perfect time never comes.
So you push yourself all the harder.

If you find yourself in such a situation I want to bring the following to your attention:
Maybe you actually haven’t really made a decision for that life-path.

How an effective Life-Decision looks like

The key to making an effective life decision is this:
You have to decide for a certain life-part with your full being.

Problems with such choices always arise if you have parts inside of you (conscious or unconscious), that either haven’t made a decision for said life path or even an active decision against it.

If you have truly made that choice, that life-path will happen no matter what.

In the example of starting a coaching business that means the following:
If you have truly made the decision for being a coach, then you give a coaching session every week. Even if nobody has booked your service. You still sit down and give coaching sessions. Either with friends or family or for yourself alone. It doesn’t matter. Because it just happens as an extension of yourself.

The difficult Phases in between

When you are lucky life just hits you with such a strong burst of inspiration, that you just know beyond any doubt what you want to do in life. You see your path clearly in front of you. Consider yourself lucky, because in such a situation it’s easy to decide for that path with your whole being.

But a much more common situation is that you either completely don’t know what you want to do in life or you are currently in a transition phase from one life-path to another.

Both of difficult times to endure.

In such times it’s almost impossible to make a full decision for a life path. Either because you can see any path at all, or because there are still parts and you that are not ready to make such a decision.

In such cases it is important that you trust in your own wisdom.
Trust that this new life path will eventually reveal itself.
Trust that when it does you will see it.
And trust that when that time comes that you will take action.

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