How to invest Money if you don’t have a lot

More and more I notice, how much easier it is to make money if you already have a lot.

Especially by investing it into things that generate more money. But how do you get there in the first place? How do you invest money if you don’t have much to invest?

For example:
What do you do with 500 € or so?

How to invest such smaller sums in ways that bring you closer to a wealthy life?

It seems to me that when you only have 500 € (or less) to spend, you actually don’t have a money-problem. You have a skill-problem.

That can mean a few things:
You either haven’t found a specific skill that society values high enough to give you substential money in return. Or you haven’t reached a high enough level of mastery in it. Or you simply haven’t figured out how to sell your skill well enough. (which is a skill in itself)

So I think, that such smaller sums are best invested right there.
In yourself.
In your skill.
In your mastery.

The stronger your specific set of skills is, the easier money will follow.

So pick something. Coding, public speaking, writing, drawing, accounting, movement. Pick something you’re doing anyway (even if noone is looking) and invest in that.

The best part about such investments:
Nobody can take your skills from you and you can choose them freely.

So like a character in a videogame, you can create and develop your own unique skillset. This has always been good fun for me and I hope you will enjoy playing around with that too.

And be kind to yourself with this.
Kind and playful, remember?

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