How to go out with a Bang instead of a Whimper

I want my life to end in celebration instead of quietly wasting away. And today a tiny candle taught me a lot about that.

I had this long candle that I would light whenever I would meditate. It was held upright by an old candleholder made of glass, that has been around in this house since forever.

Two nights ago I was thrown out of my meditation by a slow pulsing of light. I opened my eyes and saw that my little candle had reached its end. It was slowly dying.

I liked that candle and so I told it that I would stay with it till the end. And so I did. I kept my eyes open to be a witness to it’s final rays of light, while contemplating life, death and the time you have in between.

At some point I als contemplated what not following your truth does to your life.

And suddenly the glass candleholder exploded in front of me.

My candle sank into it, continued to burn bright and strong for more than an hour and then flicker off with the most mesmerizing light show I’ve ever seen. I could even hear it flicker and dance and laugh.

It was like this candle had made a choice.

It chose to break all boundaries, even the ones that seemed unbreakable to it. And by doing so the most amazing things happened. Things that would even make god’s from other realms (for example me) notice and celebrate it.

Now if such a small candle can make such a choice, then I can too.
We all can. And we should.

I’m curious to see what kind of celebration my life becomes when I make such a choice.

How about you?
Can you make such a choice?
What do you think will happen?

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