How to get Wealthy – Part 3

Wealth equals being able to be free and playful with time & money, health and social relationships. Here’s how to get there.

Part 3 – Social Relationships

The foundation for social relationships is similar to the one for health: A kind and playful commitment to exploring other people on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

You can have social relationships without that, but they will feel shallow. Especially if you have begun to explore yourself, those relationships don’t feel right. What can you do about that? Know that there’s no point in trying to change the person in front of you.You can not forece someone to look at himself. They have to make that choice for themselves.

You’re left with two options:
Either walk away of accept and stay with an open invitation.

Again, this is where kindness and playfulness come in handy. Together they can be used to create beautiful gateways for others to step into exploring themselves. Kind and playful invitations.

Just don’t forget: They have to make that step. You can never do that for them. Also know that walking away from people is also fine.

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