How to get Wealthy – Part 1

Wealth equals being able to be free and playful with time & money, health and social relationships. Here’s how to get there.

Path 2 – Time & Money

You will not get there by giving someone your time in exchange for money. By definition this can not work and a monthly salary can be a dangerous trap (because you build your life around it).

To get both you want to learn how to build something and how to sell it. Building does not have to mean “physical”. Writing, speaking, coding, guiding are all acts of creation/building.

To find out what to build you look at the things you’re passionate about. The things you do in your free time. The things you would still do, even if noone sees the result. Because mastery comes from spending time with something. And that you can only do with true interest.

After that, learn to sell. Selling has a pretty bad reputation, but it’s actually a highly useful and fun skill. Learn building first, then selling. It’s easier and makes more sense in that order.

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