How to fall in Love with a new Place

My first full day in Tbilisi started a bit rough. Like every time I move to a new environment, my first impression seems to be a bit negative.

I think that’s because my mind can’t find the safety of any established day to day routines yet. Any place I come from already offers those. Any new place does not. Here they have to be discovered first.

In this case my mind was simply not finding the comfort of a known place to: get money and food, move my body, work on my business, have a coffee and meet people.

Instead of hardness, I wanted to greet this feeling with kindness.

So instead of fighting it, I spent the day making the first playful steps towards setting these things up. I discovered, that the following order made most sense for me:

A place to get money and food
Because those are connected to simple survival in any new place.

A place to move my body
Because my body is the base for a world of things within me.

A place to work on my business
Because my work is the financial base for living in the new place.

A place to meet people
Because otherwise I will probably just work every day and meet nobody. I found it interesting that this would come last, but now it makes sense to me.

After making some first steps towards finding those places, the whole city already felt completely different to me. It already grows on me and I’m staring to get interested in it’s secret language and strange magic.

Oh and in the evening I went into the local gym and talked to some people. Not many, but the first tentative steps and I realized once more, how easy it is to form connections through movement.

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