How Books can turn you astray

Books can be of amazing value to you. But they can also lead you astray by introducing topics into your life that dont really matter to you at that point in time.

Let’s be real:
Every author has a hidden agenda. He or she wants to make sure that you read his/her book. That you spend time with it, leave a positive review somewhere, maybe even buy the next one. That’s an important thing to understand, because it means that every author will try his or her best to capture your attention and move you emotionally, mentally and sometimes even physically.

And while it is a great achievement if an author manages to do so, it does not necessarily mean that this is resourceful to you at the current point in time.

Let’s say you read the words of someone who is very passionate about finances. It is likely that this passion catches on to you. You become interested and involved in the topic of money, investing and stocks.

That is not necessarily bad, but what you might miss is that in this particular point in you life, a completely different topic is much more important. You miss this because you became blinded by passion. A passion that wasn’t really your own.

Ultimately it always comes back to the following:
Listening to yourself to discover your own path. Then if you feel there is an obstacle or something that is holding you back, use books (or other outside mediums) to solve them.

So use books like tools.

If you feel that you struggle with money, read books about that.
If you discover that you have bad eating habits, read books about that.
If you feel like your love relationship feels shallow, read books about that.

This way books can become very resourceful and focused resources, that won’t lead you astray.

Best of luck.

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