Grounding Through Movement

Movement and challenging workouts have become crucial for me during difficult times when both my mind and heart are often overwhelmed. It’s hard to navigate these storms if you allow them to constantly toss you around, leaving your feet unable to touch the ground.

Engaging in physical activity, pushing your body to its limits, helps plant your feet firmly on the ground again. This makes it much easier for you to stay centered amid emotional or mental turmoil. The challenge lies in resisting despair and feelings of being overwhelmed while continuing to show up, hold your head high, and reconnect with your body.

Depending on the severity of the dark times you’re facing, this can be a significant challenge. However, I encourage you not to give in to despair; instead trust in God or the universe and have faith that sunshine awaits at the end of this storm.

So go out there, move your body, stand firm on solid ground and keep moving forward.

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