Compass where are you leading me?

My trip is getting closer. This is one of my last days in germany. And it feels strange.

In my chest I feel pain and I’m not sure if it is actually related to my travels. I’m don’t know where it comes from.

While ordering a coffee, the waiter asked me how I was doing. I told him that I would be leaving germany. It was a brief interaction, but with smiling eyes he took some time to wish me very well and safe travels. It touched me and I realized that I miss my friends.

I miss Kira. I miss Andreas and Denis and Lukas and the whole crew. I miss literally every single person from Young Vision, including Mitzi and his beautiful beard. I miss Mia and Maria and spending peaceful time with them. I just miss them all.

Maybe that’s what I am feeling?

I am a lucky man to have such people around me.
And yet I leave. To go traveling.

I wonder how many travalers are terribly alone in their sunny paradise.
I guess I’m going to find out.

Why am I doing this again? I almost forgot.
Ah, right… playful experimentation with my life.
Sometimes playful can mean emotional and serious.

But hey, if full-time-traveling doesn’t feel right, I just stop.
Who cares?

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